Do You Call It a Tote or a Bag?

By all appearances or lack of , it seems I’ve abandoned my blog; but not completely.  Life just happens.  So much going on it’s hard to keep up.  Well enough of that!

I’m in a quandary.   I’ve got three new items in my ArtFire Studio.   What to call them.  Hmm…… Are they totes or are they bags?  Or, are they just Totebags?  Awe, who cares?  They are there.  Go ahead, check them out here.  Let me know what you think.

The Charcoal Bag has a special graphic on it.  This is a picture my daughter took of a kitten at a local shelter, Another Chance Animal Welfare League.  She volunteers there photographing the animals.  She then puts the pics up on her Facebook page letting folks know these animals need homes.  She also designs a calendar with her pictures that the Shelter sells to help in their efforts to raise money to support the many animals being cared for there.  A good number of animals have found homes through her efforts.

Reviewing my daughter’s latest photos inspired me to have a couple images printed by Spoonflower (Durham North Carolina) onto swatches that I could sew onto items.  This little black kitten is the first of more images that I will attach to other totes, pillow covers, etc.KittyYarnTote2handmade_purse_country_chic_check_design_w_zipper_pocket_magnetic_snap_f6f00d9a blue_paisley_tote_versatile_bag_dance_shoes_electronics_books_shopping_4426992b in a marketing effort to raise money for my daughter to assist her with her college debt.

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It’s Here; The New Item

I have now completed the new item I wrote about recently.  Here it is:

Kates Gift

This handmade bag has a circumference of 48″ and height of 33″.  The radius across the bottom is 14″.  The bag is made of sturdy 100% cotton and lined with the same.  The bottom panel is triple layer for strength.  I’ve double stitched the seams.  There is a drawstring in the top to allow closure which you cannot see from this photo.  There is a strap over the top you can just barely see at the top of the photo.  The 25″ long strap is 2″ wide.

My thought was this bag could be used as an organizer/attractive container for things around the home; perhaps items used regularly but that might otherwise be piled in a corner.  It could be a beach tote, or college student’s laundry bag.

My original thought was to put this one up for sale on my site and make another as the gift I previously wrote about.  After consideration of the final product, I’ve decided to give this one as the gift it was inspired and intended; then re-design the product for my studio.

In this view, I have it filled with a number of bath towels to position it to photograph.  I have ideas for additional bags that will be more generic in style rather than definitely female as this one is.  My thought is: this bag is too tall to be a practical, desirable item that will be marketable.   Anyone else agree or have any thought about this design you might share with me?


Got a New Item in the Works

I’m half way finished with a new item, one of which, will be included in my handmade product offerings at my ArtFire studio.

I can’t say just yet how my inspiration for making this item came about because it will spoil a surprise for someone.  At this point, the person for whom this item was originally destined, hasn’t seen the item and doesn’t have a clue.  I think it will be very much admired because the design is so that person.  Until one is given as a gift, I have to keep the inspiration story under wraps!

I will post it when it’s completed but I’m in a quandry as to what this item should be called.  Is it a tote, a laundry bag, Grammies Toy Bag, a duffle, a carryall, a beach bag?  Just not sure which will best describe it for the best search engine results.  I wish it were finished so I could post a picture, but it’s not.  As you can tell I’m a little anxious to reveal the item.  When finished and posted, I would appreciate any thoughts about the best name for this item.

Here is a sneak peek at the emerald green polka dotted fabric:


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