LeaflettesRegal King Pillow Sham

PillowShamLRThis large king ruffled pillow sham coordinates with the latest new custom curtain set in my ArtFire studio  .  This vintage fabric pillow sham has an 1-1/2″ extension behind the ruffle to allow for an overstuffed king pillow.  Along with a lapped opening in the back allows ease of installation and removal of the pillow.  The color is wine and plum on an antique background.  Check out my ArtFire studio for this and other custom home decor products.  All fabrics shown (except for child’s name banners) are available for custom  accessorizing to your liking. Actual pillows are not included in items being offered for purchase.


Mother’s Day Countdown Gift Idea Blog

Unique and fascinating gift ideas for Mother’s Day are being posted for week 4.  Here’s  are some of my faves of those posted thus far:  Diane’s Dangles, Specialtivity , and ThaddeusRose .  Take a look at all the Mother’s Day ideas here: http://bmebluprint.blogspot.com/2013/03/mothers-day-countdown-week-4.html


Pillow Shams Blue Kiren01

This king pillow sham is the newest item to be added to my studio on ArtFire and included in the Mother’s Day Countdown blogpost.  Get more information about it at this link http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/Uniquelyhandmade/6247922/king_pillow_sham_blue_floral_ruffled_flounce_handmade_cotton_bedding_/handmade/housewares/bedroom/bedding