My Tablecloth Featured in a Curated Collection on ArtFire

I would like to thank Margaret at Bohowirewrapped on ArtFire for including my tablecloth today in her Classic Red and White Curated Collection.   Here is the post below.  Check out  the entire collection with my tablecloth click here.



Teal or Jade New Square Linen Tablecloth

Jade or Teal Square Tablecloth 75x75

Jade or Teal Square Tablecloth 75×75

This is a new tablecloth available now in my ArtFire studio. The color is a teal green/jade with a crème floral design. This handmade square linen tablecloth is designed for a 5′ table. Obviously and unfortunately, it is not being displayed on such a table since I don’t have that style of table. To give a visual of how much the drape is, I have positioned it on the corner of my standard height table as if it were actually placed on a 5′ square table.

This tablecloth is heirloom quality and something you would be proud to use and hand down to a daughter or granddaughter. The fabric is from the former Summer Hill Ltd collection of fine drapery and upholstery fabrics. These fabrics were not available in their day to the public but sold to high end designers, architects and upholsterers.

There are four yards of linen fabric in this tablecloth. The original wholesale price of this fabric was $45 per yard. The fabric could be considered vintage by some. Just depends on whose determination of what vintage is. Some say 20 years some say 25. This fabric was manufactured and printed in 1992, that would be 21 years ago. It was new still on the bolt when I purchased it. I have maybe 15 yards left and I will gladly consider making accessories to match this tablecloth if one so desires. Contact me through Artfire if interested. Use my link to Artfire on the top right of this page to contact me there.

You can see more about this tablecloth and other things in my Artfire studio by clicking here


Looking for the Red White and Blue?

Having a family get together this 27th day of May, Memorial Day?

Wikipedia has some interesting facts about how this day of honor for lives lost has come about.  Read about it here .

If you are looking to jazz up your home for the Memorial Day and, or upcoming Fourth of July, how about some red, white, and blue? Maybe a new handmade tablecloth and a spiffy new kitchen valance can brighten the atmosphere to a patriotic level.   Or, perhaps a new set of handcrafted placemats and a kitchen valance.

placemat redwhiteblue

You have to be super careful not to burn your fingers pressing the handmade bias tape for the placemat set.

kitchen valance redwhiteblue

The woven plaid design fabric is upholstery grade 100% cotton. These items are machine washable; tumble dry; no bleach.

tablecloth redwhiteblue

The fringing of the tablecloth is time consuming but I love that “homespun, Grandma’s house”  look.

All these products I have designed and created in a clean environment where no cigarette fumes of any kind exist.   I do not use formal patterns in my home decor designs.  When an idea strikes me for a valance, pillow cover or sham, tablecloth or curtain, my tape measure and scissors are valuable tools that get alot of use.  I get out the fabric, roll it onto my cutting sheet over the table, measure and start cutting.  Then it’s off to the sewing machine to put the pieces together.   Pressing every seam is the key to professional looking products whether they be home decor items or garments.  (I use commercial patterns for modern day garments.)

I have these products and more in other colors and fabrics at my studio on Artfire.  Click the link at the top left to browse all the products there.  Comments are welcome.

Tablecloth featured in Autumn Collection on ArtFire

I am honored to be included in another artisan’s curated collection on ArtFire today.  Here is the link to this great Autumn Collection of gift ideas.

Diamond Design Woven Fringed Reversible Tablecloth Traditional 48x68

UniquelyHandmade Now Shipping World Wide

I would like to make it official by stating that I will gladly ship my tablecloths and linens products outside the United States. My ArtFire Studio,, presents that I only sell in the United States for the simple reason that I cannot publish shipping costs for locations beyond the U.S. I reluctantly accepted that setting when I opened my studio since my local postal service could not give me a definitive answer on how to calculate shipping charges for locations outside the U.S. I do have noted on some of my pages that I will gladly ship outside and those interested should contact me with their location so that I can provide a shipping quote. I will be updating this notice on remaining pages as time allows.

So if you are a buyer outside the U.S. don’t be disappointed by the flag showing only U.S. shipments. Contact me and I will gladly provide a quote for shipping to you.

Thanks so much.

Coupon now available

Hi everyone,

Wow!  What a blunder I’ve made.  I set up the coupon for my handmade tablecloth Birthday Sale yesterday but did not realize til mid morning today that it did not show up anywhere on my site or in my check out.  So Sorry!  That’s inexperience for ya.

After I discovered the situation, I immediately went to “peer Help” on Artfire to ask for help.  Then went back to the page where I set it up and discovered something I didn’t see before which was critical to my coupon showing up on my site.

Now it’s working.  Yaay!!  I apologize to anyone who may have gone to my site and attempted to make a purchase at the sale price.


Birthday Sale Tomorrow

Help me celebrate my birthday!  Nothing much planned; maybe dinner out.  Take a quick peek at my handmade tablecloths at my studio on ArtFire:    Are your curious as to which one has the most views of all the ones in my studio?  Well, its the yellow checked one.  Interesting to me.   Funny how we have our ideas of what would be the most popular.  Show me your favorite by  making a comment.   To make a comment: click on the item, scroll to the bottom where you will see a box where you can enter your comment.   Save 20% on any handmade tablecloth shown for One Day Only, tomorrow, Friday July 13.   Have questions, email me at

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