Looking for the Red White and Blue?

Having a family get together this 27th day of May, Memorial Day?

Wikipedia has some interesting facts about how this day of honor for lives lost has come about.  Read about it here .

If you are looking to jazz up your home for the Memorial Day and, or upcoming Fourth of July, how about some red, white, and blue? Maybe a new handmade tablecloth and a spiffy new kitchen valance can brighten the atmosphere to a patriotic level.   Or, perhaps a new set of handcrafted placemats and a kitchen valance.

placemat redwhiteblue

You have to be super careful not to burn your fingers pressing the handmade bias tape for the placemat set.

kitchen valance redwhiteblue

The woven plaid design fabric is upholstery grade 100% cotton. These items are machine washable; tumble dry; no bleach.

tablecloth redwhiteblue

The fringing of the tablecloth is time consuming but I love that “homespun, Grandma’s house”  look.

All these products I have designed and created in a clean environment where no cigarette fumes of any kind exist.   I do not use formal patterns in my home decor designs.  When an idea strikes me for a valance, pillow cover or sham, tablecloth or curtain, my tape measure and scissors are valuable tools that get alot of use.  I get out the fabric, roll it onto my cutting sheet over the table, measure and start cutting.  Then it’s off to the sewing machine to put the pieces together.   Pressing every seam is the key to professional looking products whether they be home decor items or garments.  (I use commercial patterns for modern day garments.)

I have these products and more in other colors and fabrics at my studio on Artfire.  Click the link at the top left to browse all the products there.  Comments are welcome.


Placemats featured in Soapsmith Collection on ArtFire

Bonnie Bartley recently featured my Avocado Placemat set in an Artisan Collection on ArtFire.  Bonnie is a professional soap maker with 30+ years of experience.  Check out the collection and her shop n ArtFire.

Since I can’t seem to figure out how to make live links work on this site here are the URLs for these items:

Avocado Placemats http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/Uniquelyhandmade/4886106/avocado_green_woven_handmade_cloth_placemats_6_piece_set_ooak_16x20_inches_linen_cotton_rayon/handmade/housewares/dining_room/placemats

Soapsmith  http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/Soapsmith


The Collection  http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=collections&op=details&cid=37159

Handmade Jewelry

UniquelyHandmade Now Shipping World Wide

I would like to make it official by stating that I will gladly ship my tablecloths and linens products outside the United States. My ArtFire Studio, http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/Uniquelyhandmade, presents that I only sell in the United States for the simple reason that I cannot publish shipping costs for locations beyond the U.S. I reluctantly accepted that setting when I opened my studio since my local postal service could not give me a definitive answer on how to calculate shipping charges for locations outside the U.S. I do have noted on some of my pages that I will gladly ship outside and those interested should contact me with their location so that I can provide a shipping quote. I will be updating this notice on remaining pages as time allows.

So if you are a buyer outside the U.S. don’t be disappointed by the flag showing only U.S. shipments. Contact me and I will gladly provide a quote for shipping to you.

Thanks so much.

Avocado Place Mat Set Posted to ArtFire

Today I have posted my newest 6 piece cloth woven placemat set available on ArtFire.  Check it out.  A new different set is in the works.  Plans are in the making for bread basket liners as well.  Follow this blog and stay tuned.


Avocado Placemat Sneek Peek Preview

As with all my new products, I’m so excited to get them posted to show them off.  This is a sneek peek at the newest project in the works.  This new 6 piece set of handmade placemats is avocado in color with a coordinating bias tape finish and made of a heavy woven fabric; perfect for placemats.  This set will be one of a kind (OOAK) as I have no other of this fabric It is my understanding that the manufacturer is no longer in business who was creating this.

Watch my studio on ArtFire  http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/Uniquelyhandmade  to see the set when completed or “follow” my blog for an update of the posting of the completed set.


New Paprika colored Handmade Placemats

I have a new handmade placemat set posted on my ArtFire studio.  This is a six piece set of which each mat is 15 1/4 x 17 3/4″.   As for the color:  You could call it rust or cinnamon, but it reminds me of paprika and thus paprika describes it best for me.

This set is pictured with a country style place setting.  But really, just change the setting to something spanish and viola, it’s a whole new look.  This set is a very adaptable style.

The fabric is heavy, the weave is bold, yet very soft.  I also purchased this fabric in a couple other colors that I will be presenting in sets soon.  Check out my ArtFire studio to see this set and others coming soon.http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/Uniquelyhandmade


Ecru Place mats posted

Check out my ArtFire shop to see my new 6 piece place mat set.  Yardage is low for this fabric but it is still available for additional orders or table linen accessories.


Place mats are a must to protect your natural wood table top but quiet the sounds of clanging flatware at the dinner table.  Watch for coming postings of new handmade designs and fabrics of place mat sets coming soon to my studio at ArtFire and my shop, UniquelyhandmadeOnly, on Etsy.

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