Kids Battle Helmet Craft

For appx. 15 or more years, I’ve been the “Craft Coordinator” for our church’s children’s summer camp program.  Every year the director asks me if I will once again take on this job.  And every year I tell her that if God gives me a craft idea then yes.  So once again this year I’m the Craft Coordinator.  The kids are 3rd to 5th grade.  The idea for the craft this year has evolved quite nicely.  The pictures below are the two crafts I will present as choices for the kids to choose from.  I like crafts that are very hands on and this one is a gooey one; great for kids.   Right away  when little Jacob saw the helmet his words were: “Cool!”.  I asked if he would try on the sample for me and that’s all it took.  He loved it.  I hated to take it back.  I promised after camp he could have it for his own.  He was so sweet and handed it back to me.  After I left I thought I likely will make another and give this one to little Jacob.

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