UniquelyHandmade Now Shipping World Wide

I would like to make it official by stating that I will gladly ship my tablecloths and linens products outside the United States. My ArtFire Studio, http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/Uniquelyhandmade, presents that I only sell in the United States for the simple reason that I cannot publish shipping costs for locations beyond the U.S. I reluctantly accepted that setting when I opened my studio since my local postal service could not give me a definitive answer on how to calculate shipping charges for locations outside the U.S. I do have noted on some of my pages that I will gladly ship outside and those interested should contact me with their location so that I can provide a shipping quote. I will be updating this notice on remaining pages as time allows.

So if you are a buyer outside the U.S. don’t be disappointed by the flag showing only U.S. shipments. Contact me and I will gladly provide a quote for shipping to you.

Thanks so much.


Bread Basket Liners Available Now

Three new handmade bread basket liners are now available on my ArtFire Studio , UniquelyHandmade.  The three new designs are: a yellow and white check, a lilac check and a red and yellow smaller check. The first two are 23.5″ square and the last is 20″ square. Take a look at my studio to see all the photos.

Gingham Check Handmade Bread Basket Liner