Countdown to Mother’s Day Week 10

Mother’s Day is almost here!  The time has flown by since I’ve joined the Twelve Week Countdown to Mother’s Day in Julie of Blue Morning Expressions’ blog post.  Two weeks to go.  This is a blog post showcasing handmade artisans.  Any online artisan can join the group.   The only rule is you must promote the entire group via your blog, or Pinterest, or Wanelo, or the like the following week.  Each item each artisan includes, I like to post to Pinterest and Wanelo in the hopes they will get some views.  Check out all the Mother’s Day Gift ideas for Week 10 here:

In this Week 10 of the post I included a new set of placemats and a new toile curtain set I recently designed and sewed.  Here are the pics:


You can see more pictures of these items and see all the info at my ArtFire Studio.  Click on the link on the right side bar to cruise my studio and see all the new things I’ve added but not posted here.  Yes indeed; I need to improve that situation!  Thanks for checking them out too!



What’s the meaning of Snail Spit and Drama?

I received an email this morning notifying me that my lilac tablecloth was included in a collection by another ArtFire artisan.  The title of the blog post she wrote was baffling to me: “Oh Snail Spit and Drama”.   I copied and pasted the link to the blog site into a new tab and began to read.  And what a fascinating read it is.  Do you know where the color purple originated and how?  Take a peek at this blog post by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions on Artfire to be enlightened.  Many thanks to Julie for including my product and for the great article.