LeaflettesRegal King Pillow Sham

PillowShamLRThis large king ruffled pillow sham coordinates with the latest new custom curtain set in my ArtFire studio  .  This vintage fabric pillow sham has an 1-1/2″ extension behind the ruffle to allow for an overstuffed king pillow.  Along with a lapped opening in the back allows ease of installation and removal of the pillow.  The color is wine and plum on an antique background.  Check out my ArtFire studio for this and other custom home decor products.  All fabrics shown (except for child’s name banners) are available for custom  accessorizing to your liking. Actual pillows are not included in items being offered for purchase.


My Love of Sewing, How It All Began

I’ve been sewing for, well let’s just say since I was 13 years old.  My grandmother Ollie Shoemaker, who’s been in heaven since 1990, was my inspiration to sew.  My mother often spoke of how Grandma made her and her sister’s school dresses from flour sacks.  I’ve never seen one of these “flour sack” dresses, but as a very young girl, I just thought that to be able to turn a sack into a dress, one must be a genius.

My grandparents lived, from time to time during my childhood, in the same town as our family.  During the summers for some years they would travel up to Oregon, live in shacks, and work in the fields picking fruit as a way of supplementing their income from Social Security.   Close to the age of 13, they invited me to go with them to Oregon to work for the summer.   They cautioned me it would be hard work and I would have to work hard.   I jumped at the chance to go on this adventure with them and be with my favorite aunt who was only four years my elder.  So, with my parents consent, off I went.

It was hard work, they did not lie; I only went one summer.  One also cannot forget the feeling of eating way too many cherries in one day.   But I earned some money and was so proud of what I’d earned.  I earned a whopping $154.00 for the summer.  When I returned home, Mom took me shopping for school clothes.  I was so pleased I could buy whatever I wanted.  But I soon learned that my money didn’t buy a whole lot even then.

One thing led to another and Grandma was guiding me to make my own clothes on a treadle sewing machine she had given my Mom.  Back then, you could sew a dress for much, much less than you could buy one.  This was before the age of big box stores and skyrocketing fabric prices.  I signed up for a sewing class in high school and with Mom’s treadle sewing machine and the notions of Grandma’s genius started my life long love of sewing.

Most of us love winning.  I could never be a winner in sports at school or get the top grades.   For me it was “Winning” to make something that could only be bought for much more money than I could buy the materials.  The thrill for me is the accomplishment of the most professional looking finished product.   Ah, the finished product, that will be an article for another time.  The rest, is as they say, history.

Mother’s Day is not far off.  It is my desire in this post to bring honor to my Grandmother for her guidance given to me when I first began to sew.  My mother, who provided me with a sewing machine and fabrics to work with.  And lastly my husband’s mother, who is in heaven also, and who’s ability to sew anything, challenged me to work with fabrics and designs that have enhanced the skills I have today.

Custom Handmade Window Treatments


Here’s a new handmade floor length two panel custom curtain set.  This is vintage fabric from the Summer Hill Ltd collection.  The colors are wine and plum on an antique white background.   Check out all the details at my ArtFire studio here .

Mother’s Day Countdown Gift Idea Blog

Unique and fascinating gift ideas for Mother’s Day are being posted for week 4.  Here’s  are some of my faves of those posted thus far:  Diane’s Dangles, Specialtivity , and ThaddeusRose .  Take a look at all the Mother’s Day ideas here: http://bmebluprint.blogspot.com/2013/03/mothers-day-countdown-week-4.html


Pillow Shams Blue Kiren01

This king pillow sham is the newest item to be added to my studio on ArtFire and included in the Mother’s Day Countdown blogpost.  Get more information about it at this link http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/Uniquelyhandmade/6247922/king_pillow_sham_blue_floral_ruffled_flounce_handmade_cotton_bedding_/handmade/housewares/bedroom/bedding

Blue Floral Floor Length Curtains

CurtainBlue3My newest window treatment design is a bright blue floral and shows off a pretty feminine style.  This handmade floor length set is 54″ x 85″ and is two panels with a 2″ pocket for a larger sized rod.  The three inch hem gives a professional look.  This is new cotton fabric from the 1998 Summer Hill Ltd home décor line.   Check out all the details about this new item at my studio on ArtFire .

Week Three of the Countdown to Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We are in week 3 of the Countdown to Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.  Take a look at the offerings from these artists; just a few featuring “Seeing Red” from week three of the Countdown post.  Find here the entire collection  being hosted for week 3.  Lavish Mother with a great one of a kind gift.

Window Treatments New at UniquelyHandmade


I first thought bathroom when I saw this fabric.  Thus the previous post heralding the new bathroom set forthcoming.  Once this set was completed and I hung it to photograph, it dawned on me how versatile this nautical design is.  This set would be fabulous in a bathroom, a beachhouse, or to grace the bedroom windows of an avid fisherman.   This toile window treatment set is made of fabric that is 49% cotton and 51% linen.  This fabric is available for custom sized curtains of almost any length.  Get all the details at my Artfire studio by clicking here.