Ruffled Kitchen Curtain in Forest Green Ginham Check

CurtainGreen1Check it out:  Here’s my latest new product in my ArtFire studio.  The bias ruffles of this set really bring out the Pop!



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas addition

Check out these great items.   From now to the end of the promo, I will post once weekly after all posters have entered their items.  Here are the balance of the offerings for the first week of the 12 week Countdown to Mother’s Day gift ideas blog post:

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Talented artisans from ArtFire, Etsy, Zibbet, and other handmade seller sites are teaming up to offer their wares.  Take a look below to see some great gift ideas.

A new focus for UniquelyHandmade

I’ve just posted a new product on my ArtFire studio.  Take a look here to see this great new item.  This new product I have handmade myself from my yellow gingham like checked fabric.  The new item is a kitchen valance/curtain set.  This three piece set fits nicely on a 48″ wide window.  I love this ruffled style of kitchen window covering.  It graces the opening and lets the magnificent natural light illuminate the space.

This item is being featured in a Mother’s Day Collection along with many other handmade items by other talented artisans at this site.  Take a look to find a special gift idea for your special Mother this Mother’s Day.

Wow, I can’t believe how long I’ve been MIA from this blog.  Life has a way of piling on the activities and events.   My Artfire studio will have been open one year come the end of April.  The time has gone by so fast.  Check out some of the other new items I’ve posted to my studio recently.  New items are placemats and breadbasket liners.

My intent is to feature additional home décor curtains in my ArtFire studio in the near future.  Watch for my next item coming soon:  a bathroom curtain set.