Kids Battle Helmet Craft

For appx. 15 or more years, I’ve been the “Craft Coordinator” for our church’s children’s summer camp program.  Every year the director asks me if I will once again take on this job.  And every year I tell her that if God gives me a craft idea then yes.  So once again this year I’m the Craft Coordinator.  The kids are 3rd to 5th grade.  The idea for the craft this year has evolved quite nicely.  The pictures below are the two crafts I will present as choices for the kids to choose from.  I like crafts that are very hands on and this one is a gooey one; great for kids.   Right away  when little Jacob saw the helmet his words were: “Cool!”.  I asked if he would try on the sample for me and that’s all it took.  He loved it.  I hated to take it back.  I promised after camp he could have it for his own.  He was so sweet and handed it back to me.  After I left I thought I likely will make another and give this one to little Jacob.

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Placemats to Compliment the Tablecloths

I’m now offering placemats to compliment my tablecloths at my studio on ArtFire,, and my shop on Etsy,

At this point they will be on an “As Ordered” basis meaning if they’re ordered I will make and ship them.  On ArtFire I have the Gingham Damask Placemat for sale.  In the item description/info section I state that I will make any placemats to match any of my tablecloths.  A set of 6 placemats is $18.95.  You choose between fringed or hemmed.  Note: some fabrics are not suitable for fringing; some are more suited for fringing rather than hemming.  Contact me and I will suggest the style for the fabric if you like.

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Formal WhiteTablecloth

This arctic white tablecloth is embroidered with a sage color motif.  The item description from the manufacturer calls it teal.  Okay so maybe it’s a cross between sage and teal.  This woven fabric is pique or matlasse which is an aged old weaving technique that produces a puffiness or quilt-like effect you see in the photo.  To see this and other tablecloth designs visit my ArtFire studio at:

Custom sizes are available for this fabric.  It should be noted this fabric will require dry cleaning to prevent certain shrinkage.

Antique Yellow and Plum Toile Tablecloth

This beautiful Toile Tablecloth is an antique yellow and plum color.  It’s name given by the now defunct internationally drapery and upholstery company is Blue Bayou.  It is shown on my ArtFire studio sized in 70×70 inches and can fit up to a 6′ square table nicely.  Take a look at the site to see other photos of this and other designs:

This fabric is available for custom sized tablecloths.  Contact me at my ArtFire studio for available options.

Teal and White Toile Tablecloth

This is a fine cotton toile tablecloth in teal and white.  This is the Rosewarne design.  View other pics of this design  and others at my ArtFire studio site:

This is design is available for custom size tablecloths by contacting me through my ArtFire studio.

Forest Green Toile Tablecloth

This toile tablecloth is a natural linen colored background with forest green printing.  It is another of the Rosewarne designs.  There are three colors of the Rosewarne design in all, forest, cranberry and teal.  This woven tablcloth has a rustic look to it.  It is available for custom sizes by contacting me through my ArtFire studio at:


Cranberry and White Toile Tablecloth

This cranberry and white toile tablecloth is cotton.  The Rosewarne design was an exclusive to the now defunct international drapery and upholstery business from whom I purchased the fabrics.  I was intrigued by the design name but was unsuccessfull at a learning anything about it through research on the internet.  This fabric is available for custom size tablecloths.  Contact me at my ArtFire studio for more information about this and other tablecloth designs.

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