Hello world! Buy a Tablecloth!

Well, until recently I didn’t even know what a blog was; now I have one!  I guess I learn about it just like I’ve learned everything else; by the seat of my pants!

I’ve started this blog to promote my new tablecloth businesses on ArtFire and Etsy.  Here’s how it all began:

My husband has bought and buys a ton of stuff at auctions to support our manufacturing business called, Borden Manufacturing Inc..  We manufacture stretcher bars for artist canvas and sell nationwide and into the UK.  So, he is always scouring the auction websites for equipment and anything else that he might use or sell.   On a Monday last month he spied an auction of fabrics.  It was too late in the day to drive from our area to Mc Clellan AFB to view the items being sold the next day; usually he will view before bidding on items.  Next day comes, fabric is selling cheap.  He sees the fabric as being used to make blower bags for our sawdust collection systems.  I see tablecloths.

I think on it a little more and realize an opportunity to help our daughter whittle down her huge college debt.  I’m thinking I can make the tablecloths, sell them online, and contribute to freeing her from her debt situation.  You might say, “Why should you contribute?”  Well you see, I’m condemned to have co-signed with her for an education and for not making my intentions to do so known, so I’m feeling a little responsible.  I admit, the way I went about it, by purposely not making it known I had intended to co-sign was wrong.  But, there’s more to the story than should be told here that support my decision to keep quiet.   Needles to say that’s caused a great riff.   I felt it was the thing to do to help my daughter get the education she was so passionate about.  She is a bright young woman who is determined to be successful.  Anyway, that aside, I start making tablecloths.  I sign up for a studio on ArtFire and then on Etsy.  Not much is happening.  I’m posting more and more tablecloths.  I’m reading what I can find on the two sites to learn about promoting my stores and turns out having a blog is one of them.

So, here I am.  I will post my offerrings and hope that folks out there looking for a nice tablecloth will choose mine.  My prices are comparable to those of the celebs I’ve seen at the big box store in my area with one major difference:  the texture of the fabrics I’m using.  These fabrics all came from the auction of fabrics I referred to earlier in this writing, Summer Hill Ltd.  The fabrics, I’m told, sold for $100 to $350 per yard at wholesale and were sold to high end designers and upholstery companies.    Some of the designs, actually most of what I bought, were exclusives to Summer Hill.  So once, they are gone; they’re gone.  Please get one now.  Please help support a fellow American make their way to freedom!  ….Please?

Take a look at my studio at ArtFire.  My studio name there is Uniquely Handmade.  When I signed up with Etsy, that name was already taken and my name there is Uniquely HandmadeOnly.  Contact me if you are interested and would like a different size than I have posted.  I will be posting photos in subsequent entries.  Perhaps in the near future I will be successful in figuring out how to post a link here to the two venues ArtFire and Etsy.  Thank you for considering purchasing a tablecloth!

If you can pass along this info about my tablecloths, it will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading!

Karen Borden

Uniquely Handmade


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