New Size Tablecloth

ImageMy latest tablecloth is constructed in a new size that has recently been requested more than once.  This cloth is for a square table in size 70×70″.

This new cloth is an antique looking yellow toile fabric.  See all the details at my Etsy or Artfire shops.


Medieval Looking Tablecloth

I am so excited to post my latest new tablecloth.  I’m calling it my Renaissance/Medieval Style.  So if you are in a re-enacting type group you’re sure to like this tablecloth.  It has an old world feel and look.  It is very heavy.  The yarn-like threads are very prominant in the weave.  The photo gives you an idea of the weave but the color is way off; it is an ochre color.  You’re probably saying I need  a real photographer.  See more photos with the actual color and get more info about this tablecloth on my ArtFire and Etsy sites.   Oh, and I’m also on now as well.  Check it out!


Uniquely Handmade

Strawberry Festival Wrap UP

Well, the Strawberry Festival in Happy Valley California was very well attended.  The strawberry desert was yummy!  All in attendance seemed to have a great time!

Now it’s time to get back to creating those tablecloths.  The favorite overall seems to be the red, white and blue plaid.  Thanks all for your interest.


Uniquely Handmade

Green Checked Tablecloth is Available

Take a look at my newest tablecloth on ArtFire and Etsy.  I can’t decide whether it should be called  “Retro” or ” Mid Century”.  Can anybody post a comment to clear the air on that one?  I really like the feel of this cloth; crisp yet drapes so perfectly.  Its a woven fabric not printed so I’ve fringed it which allows it to be reversible.

I’ve got another new one.  I’m going to call it a “Medieval” style cloth.  It certainly would be right at home in a renaissance kitchen.  Its heavy, its a very textured fiber.  It looks medieval.  Its wonderful; I like medieval stuff anyway.  Watch for this new tablecloth to be unveiled on my shops soon.


Uniquely Handmade

Watch for a new Checked Tablecloth

By tomorrow evening I will be posting a new Green Checked Tablecloth to my Etsy and Artfire shops.  It is a combination of avocado, grass green and creme.  This weekend I will have it at the Strawberry Festival along with a matching apron made by my sister Debi.  She will have more than a dozen aprons of different designs available.  The fabrics she uses are all designer quality; not what you find at some big box fabric shops.  Come out and take a look if you live nearby.

Hope to see you.


Uniquely Handmade

Happy Valley California Strawberry Festival

Did I mention the Happy Valley Strawberry Festival????

You know, I’ve lived here most all my life and have NEVER been to the Strawberry Festival, not even once!  But guess what?  Now I’m showing my tablecloths there as a vendor, along with Dad and my sisters and their wares.  It’s going to be fun.  The woman I spoke to about signing up told me there will be over 100 vendors there this year.  Wow!   So, come on out and join the fun.  Stop by and say you saw my blog!  And, go to my Artfire and Etsy sites and tell me which tablecloth YOU like best of my products.  At the bottom of the page on the ArtFire items is a place to comment.  On Etsy, its to the left side of the page.  Have a great day!


Uniquely Handmade, ArtFire

Uniquely Handmade Only, Etsy

More New Items at Artfire and Etsy

I’m pleased to have added another new tablecloth today.  Also Dad has added TWO new items: a 14″ bowl and an 11″ plate both made of sycamore wood.  Take a look at these pics and see the items on ArtFire.  Sorry my Etsy site is just a little behind my ArtFire site in postings.

Sycamore Plate 11"14" Sycamore BowlSaffron Reversible Fringed Tablecloth

I will be working on updating there in the coming days.

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